In Memory of the Deceased

A gift to the FBC Foundation provides long-term benefit to FBC. As such, people often give a gift to the FBC Foundation in memory of someone who has passed that has impacted their life or whom they just want to remember or acknowledge.

When a memorial gift is made to the FBC Foundation it is generally desirable to acknowledge to the family of the deceased that a donation has been made in memory of their loved-one. However, the FBC Foundation can’t provide this acknowledgement unless the donor gives their permission for the foundation to do so. With the current Government of Canada PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) requirements, the FBC Foundation can’t provide information about you to a 3rd party unless you give us permission to do so. When authorization is provided, the FBC Foundation will provide acknowledgement that a gift has been given, but not the amount of the gift.

  • Donation Envelope with Red Check & TextOur “gift envelope” and our “e-giving” form include a check-box for you to indicate that you would like us to provide that acknowledgement
  • The gift envelope includes an “In Memory of” line for you to indicate the name of the deceased
  • Our e-giving form includes a “Memo” text area that you can use to indicate the name of the deceased
In Memory of Events or Milestones

People often give a gift to the FBC Foundation to commemorate an event or milestone in their life. For example, to celebrate God’s blessings, the donor might give:

  • On their Birthday – a dollar for every year
  • Spiritual Birthdays – How long have you been a child of the one true King?
  • On their Wedding Anniversary – a dollar for every year
  • To celebrate the birth of a child or grandchild
  • The sum of all their grandchildren’s ages
  • To celebrate retirement
  • God provides “Good Gifts” to his children – What are you thankful for?

Donors are encouraged to use the “In Memory of” line on our gift envelope or the “Memo” text area of our online giving form to tell us why or what you are celebrating with your gift.