First Baptist Calgary Foundation's mission is to financially support God's work at the First Baptist Church Fellowship of Calgary, Alberta.

The FBC Foundation exists to fund certain ministries of First Baptist Church. Its mandate is to receive various kinds of monetary gifts and manage them for the long-term benefit of the church. The FBC Foundation has two funds to which a person can direct his or her gift or, if they want, can split the gift between the two funds as they see fit.  

Infrastructure Fund

The Infrastructure Fund recognizes the heritage of the church by providing monetary grants to support capital improvements and facility upgrades, which in turn enhance the church’s ability to engage in ministries for the growth of God's kingdom.  

Ministry Fund

The Ministry Fund provides monetary grants to directly support ministries of the church that are not generally supported through normal church tithing. Gifts may be designated to, and Grants provided from these categories:

  • Evangelism and Outreach
  • Christian Education and Leadership Development
  • Enhanced Worship and Music
  • Human Betterment 
  • Ministries - General

Grants from this fund are purposed to change people's lives and have long-term impact.