Who We Are

Our official, registered name is: First Baptist Calgary Foundation

Within our website we also use the abbreviated name: FBC Foundation

What We Are

We are a Foundation. A “Foundation” can be defined as a “Charity” for “Charities”.   We are a charity for:

“The First Baptist Church Fellowship of Calgary, Alberta”

which we also refer to as “FBC” or "First Baptist Church".

Charities provide funding and support to their beneficiaries. The only beneficiary of the “FBC Foundation” is “The First Baptist Church Fellowship of Calgary, Alberta”. 

A Registered Charity

We are “Incorporated” as a “Foundation” in the Province of Alberta under the “Societies Act”. We are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. Our annual T3010 returns can be found by searching for First Baptist Calgary Foundation on the CRA website in their "List of Charities" at:   https://www.canada.ca/en/services/taxes/charities.html   or by clicking here. Our Charity Registration Number is:  866398795RR0001.